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  • Bodega Bay Cert

Bodega Bay CERT Meeting at Bodega Bay Fire Station, August 12th at 6:00 pm.

An informative evening that you don’t want to miss.

Learn about Air Ambulance services (Reach, CHP, Henry 1) and their use on the Coast. Why are we seeing so many more rescues via helicopter? What is the cost to you? Who decides when one is needed? Learn about a negotiated Bodega Bay CERT discount for helicopter insurance rescues offered by Reach.

Do you know WHAT to do immediately in an emergency?

What if your best friend stops breathing, chokes, has a seizure, stroke, heart attack, broken arm/leg or is severely bleeding. What should you do or not do to help? Learn from a Bodega Bay Paramedic/EMT the best immediate response to help them the “right” way. This brief overview can help you make the right choices to possibly save someone’s life rather than doing something wrong that could make the situation worse.

Please plan on attending - someone may be depending upon YOU.

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