Plan and Prepare

Disaster planning is about keeping you safe, warm, and fed after a disaster. BB CERT suggests you prepare for 48 hours to 2 weeks without power or utilities.

In case of emergency call or text 9-1-1.

Click here for the Emergency HAM Radio Frequency list.

Sonoma Sheriff's Department: (707) 565-2511


Let’s Start With the Basics

Getting prepared can seem overwhelming. But you are probably more prepared than you think and every step you take moves you forward!

We’ve broken it down into 4 blocks of time. You decide how much time you have available and complete those tasks. Got it done? Come back for more!

You will also find the Ready, Set, Go! Your personal Wildland Fire Action Guide document posted on Bodega Bay Fire's website to be valuable.

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Collect items you’ll need if you have to leave your home, such as copies of family photos and important documents. Place your list in an old backpack and leave it in a closet by the front door.



Whether due to an earthquake or approaching wildfire, you may have to leave your home for a safer location. Have an evacuation plan and practice it with your family. If you are able to shelter in place, you will still need to plan to survive.



If you have to shelter in place, much of what you need is already in your home and just needs to be collected in a safe place. Prepare for 48 hours to 2 weeks on your own.



Take the CERT training to develop the skills to help after a disaster.

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