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Store Food & Water

You will need to store food and water for a minimum of 3 days and preferably 5-7 days. Choose non-perishable food that is low-sodium (reduces your thirst) and pick items that you will want to eat. Don't forget to put a can opener in your kit! 


Storing water is a critical component of your disaster planning. In the event of an earthquake, it is best to turn off the water to your home. You can always turn it back on.  This will keep the water in your home from being contaminated from sewage coming in from broken pipes. Wait to hear on the radio if there are water delivery issues or sanitation problems in your area before turning it back on. Always drink the best water you have first, before boiling or treating water that is suspicious.


The rule of thumb for water storage is 1 gallon of water per person (and per pet), per day. Bodega Bay CERT suggests to be prepared for 48 hours to 2 weeks without utilities. That adds up! Download  Water Usage & Guidelines for more information. Remember that in your home, you have between 30-50 gallons of water in your hot water heater. While you can access this water from the valve on the heater, you will need to filter it (a coffee filter works well) since sediment builds in the bottom of the tank.

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