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Announcing New Class: First Aid / CPR / AED

Hybrid Online and Hands-On Course

Important: Online Portion to be Completed by January 30, 2022

Hands-On Portion Scheduled for February 5, 2022 at Bodega Bay Grange

Registration Instructions: FIRST AID / CPR / AED

Course: First Aid / CPR / AED Hybrid combo course (online 2 hours + hands-on 2 hours) approved by American Heart Association. Knowledge and skills for basic volunteer medical emergency assistance and lifesaving until help arrives. AHA charges $19.50 for the online course with a certificate of completion, paid in advance. The Hands-on Session in Bodega Bay follows. Course fees will be reimbursed by BB CERT on request.

Eligibility: local CERTs (having completed Basic Introduction to CERT), certified HAM radio operators, and neighborhood disaster shed volunteers.

Hands on Session Date and Location: Saturday, February 5, 2022., 9:00 AM to 12 Noon. Bodega Bay Grange. Proof of vaccination and masks required.


2. Click on Quantity 1 and Add to Cart for $19.50

3. Go to Shopping Cart and Sign In To Checkout

4. Sign In or Create an account, then Checkout and Pay $19.50

5. View Order Details and Print Receipt (needed for reimbursement)

6. Go To Course and Start Course

7. Choose Heartsaver Total (recommended) not Heartsaver

8. Complete Course Requirements and Print Certificate of Completion

9. E-mail copies of Certificate of Completion and Receipt to: for reimbursement and to register for the Hands On Session in Bodega Bay NO LATER THAN JANUARY 30.

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