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Bodega Bay CERT activated BB CERT Hams to be vigilant

The Bodega Bay fire Protection District was placed by the County and CalFire in a Red Flag warning area from Sunday 8:00 PM through Monday 11:00 AM  (October 25 and 26). 

Our Bodega Bay Fire Protection District had also looked at the predicted weather conditions and determined that they will be at the levels of the recent Tubb and Kincade Fires.  We knew we would experience high off shore winds and very low humidity with very dry vegetation.

The difference between this time and past wildfires with PSPS  is that we were in an expected “event” area.  That is, we needed to be prepared for fires and evacuations even though we were not known to be in immediate danger with announced power shutdowns and evacuation alerts.

The Fire District had, therefore, initiated an Emergency Staffing Policy and been loaned an additional Fire Engine as well as activating more personnel (both professional and volunteers with additional support from the Sonoma County Fire Protection District).

Bodega Bay CERT needed to activate BB CERT Hams to be vigilant; watching for fire danger such as sparking  electrical poles and flying embers and reporting them to other Hams at the Fire Station.  We needed to prepare for that time frame and also prepare for it to be extended.  Eight Hams signed up to cover the radios at the station overnight  (four hour shifts) into the afternoon of the next day.  Four more hams stood ready to continue if needed. Each was trained before we started operations   The CERT Hams were ready to support each other and report to the Firefighters/medics we are fortunate to have in our midst.  Fortunately it was quiet but we were all ready.  The conditions persist for now so this may be a rehearsal for the next time.



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