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Bodega Bay CERT February General Meeting

Are you ready? Are you prepared? Do you know what CSZ is and the potential earthquake/tsunami impact to Bodega Bay?

Join us for the informative presentation by Dewey Kribs, Editor of the Bodega Bay Disaster Plan & BB CERT Ham Radio Director, on the CSZ - Cascadia Subduction Zone. All of the previous discussion has been based on what is known about the San Andreas fault. There is another fault that impacts our district; the Cascadia Subduction Zone (CSZ). It’s important for several reasons including; it can generate much more powerful earthquakes along the west coast of the United States than the San Andreas, it directly influences seismic activity on the San Andreas fault, and it will generate a tsunami along our coastline of perhaps greater destruction than one from the San Andreas fault.

The second part of the meeting will be an active training & drill on "What to do during and immediately following an earthquake". Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss and practice their response and skills.

This meeting can save your life! Mark your calendar to join.

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