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Bodega Bay CERT July 2021 Newsletter


The recently issued 2020- 2021 Sonoma County Grand Jury Final Report recognizes the importance of CERT and other community efforts, described in this excerpt:

F25. Government cannot help residents with everything during a disaster. Continued development and expansion of Citizens Organized to Prepare for Emergencies / Community Emergency Response Teams groups are deemed essential as major emergencies could overwhelm agencies’ ability to fully reach and protect people and property.

Furthermore, the Grand Jury made this Recommendation:

R19. By December 31, 2021, the Department of Emergency Management publicize the work of community preparedness groups such as Citizens Organized to Prepare for Emergencies, Community Emergency Response Teams, and Community Organizations Around Disasters to more effectively reach all residents about emergency alerts and warnings. (F4, F24, F25)


On July 20, Sonoma County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved multiple fire district consolidations, including Bodega Bay Fire Protection District with Sonoma County Fire District. The outpouring of community support, including from BB CERT and many of its members for consolidation and funding to sustain full fire services in Bodega Bay, was instrumental. Although actual consolidation of the fire districts is still several months away, Chief Grinnell has assured us that Bodega Bay CERT will continue to enjoy fire district support and cooperation under the new configuration.


More than 15 local volunteers recently have completed the Introduction to CERT (online) course, and are set for Basic CERT hands-on training on July 31. Graduates from the hybrid program will receive a CERT helmet, vest and backpack containing handy equipment, and can be sworn in as County Disaster Service Workers. Each new CERT volunteer will serve a particular shed neighborhood in Bodega Bay. They also will be eligible to take specialized CERT training, beginning with CPR/AED and First Aid, which is being offered on August 21. For more information, contact:


Shed teams are being rebuilt at the Pro Shop, Gull, Condor and perhaps Seaway. Shed captains and volunteers are encouraged to make sure the shed inventory is in working order, and to complete and submit the CERT Census forms (see below). The date for an All Sheds Drill will be announced soon after new CERTs are trained. For more information, contact


Ellen Robb and Julie Atwood have been appointed to the Bodega Bay CERT Board of Directors. Ellen, who is a tax attorney, takes on the duties of Secretary. Julie is the founder of the Halter Project and Director, Valley of the Moon Children’s Foundation. She is taking on the newly formed Training and Education Committee.


As a result of a recent survey of current and inactive Bodega Bay Hams, 47 licensed residents want to be part of a mobilization when a disaster occurs. CERT is also working with the BBFPD Auxiliary Communications Unit to implement the Disaster Smart Board with mapping of CERT Ham calls into the station. We are prepared, with completed refresher training for Hams currently on the weekly Net, for Wildfire season. An emphasis has been placed on reporting potential fire start-ups and embers.


The CERT General Membership Meeting and Program originally scheduled for August 16 has been rescheduled to September 13 at 6:00PM, again by Zoom. The topic and speakers will be announced on the BBCERT website and in the next CERT Newsletter.


BB CERT is looking to “up our game” with IT. If you or someone you know can volunteer to help us improve the CERT website, FB page, and announcements, please contact


CERT is conducting the first ever census of disaster volunteers in our region. Updated details about CERT volunteer contact information, location, certifications, skills, and availability is needed to develop training and education and to better prepare for disaster response. Please complete this census, even though you may have participated in the recent survey of local Hams, and even though you may not have completed CERT training but are willing to serve in a helping capacity in the event of a local disaster. The new census form is being e-mailed to everyone that is on the BB CERT mailing list and/ or receives this newsletter. If you know of someone else that should get the census form, please feel free to pass it along. You will probably have to print it and fill it in by hand, as we do not presently have the technology for electronic forms. Completed CERT census forms should be sent to: or to: CERT, P.O. Box 451, Bodega Bay, CA 94923

Click to download the form and complete it.

BB CERT Volunteer Census v5
Download PDF • 126KB

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