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CERT/HAM Members meeting: Debriefing/Lessons Learned from BB Evacuation & Power Outage

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

CERT/HAM Members meeting: Debriefing/Lessons Learned from BB Evacuation & Power Outage

The speaker for the Active Shooter CERT meeting originally scheduled has been postponed. We will now discuss the following:

Bodega Bay Wildfire Impact & Response

For CERT Members and HAM radio operations,

Join Supervisor Hopkins, Fire Chief Sean Grinnell, Director Ham Radio CERT, Dewey Kribs, Linda Stout, President of Bodega Bay CERT & others to discuss how Bodega Bay managed the Evacuation & Power Outages. Discussion will include Bodega Bay’s response, what lessons were learned & possible solutions. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions from our speakers and provide input. Moderated by Patty Ginochio, CERT.

Topics for Discussion:

Sonoma County response to the wildfire and impact to Bodega Bay.

Was the Bodega Bay community adequately prepared for an evacuation & power outage?

What was the impact to necessary services – Need for current local Communication, Food, Water, Power & Safety?

Do we need to improve and add to our Disaster Kits & “Go” bags? Should they be different for an earthquake vs. wildfire?

What does an Evacuation Warning & Mandatory Evacuation really mean & what are the requirements to residents/visitors?

How did Bodega Bay Fire Protection District manage both protecting Bodega Bay & help with the actual fire?


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