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Minutes, Friday, August 23, 2019 at 11:00 am Bodega Bay CERT Board Meeting, Bodega Bay Fire Station

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Attending: Linda Stout, Dewey Kribs, Linda Mark, Dave Blottie, Patty Ginochio, Ed Cohen

Absent: Chief Sean Grinnell

· Meeting called to order by Linda Stout at 1:00 pm

· Minutes from July 17, 2019 Bodega Bay CERT approved by Board in Attendance

· Treasurer’s Report 8/23/19 Linda Mark:

  • Reconciled check book with bank statements for July 15, 2019 and August 15, 2019.

  • Balance as of 8/15/19 is $17,835.58. Statements changed from 15th of the month to last day of the month to facilitate accurate accounting records.

  • Four checks written during period July 15 to August 15: (details on file with treasurer)

  • Deposit of $188.70 will be deposited into account 8/27/19. (details on file with treasurer)

  • Square Online Donations received 8/20/19 -$193.40 to be deposited (details on file with treasurer)

  • Linda Stout and Linda Mark will go to Umpqua Bank 8/27/19 to have Linda Mark sign authorization papers, apply for debit card, and access online banking records

  • After reviewing financial files Bonnie Spenser turned over Linda Mark met with Linda Stout for clarification and additional records. Linda Mark will set up an Excel spreadsheet for the fiscal year 9/1/18 through 8/31/19 as a baseline for CERT financial record keeping in the future.

· CERT Ham Status as of August 23, 2019 Dewey Kribs:

  • Recruiting and Testing: Five people from Bodega Bay will be tested for the Ham Technician’s license at the Fire Station on September 21. (from Sue Tichava).

  • Radio Room: A better backup power system has been installed to replace the current SLA battery (which is probably dead). We have both an AC adapter charger and solar charging of a Lithium Ion 50 hr battery. This should allow us to keep the battery in a ready state at all times. The battery has charging ports for both USB and DC equipment as well as a Volt meter to measure the battery capacity. Digital Mobile Radios (DMR) are being evaluated for CERT and District use. These radios send digital signals to a repeater which is tied to Internet. The result is extremely clear (no noise or static) voice and data transmissions worldwide. Cost and functionality are being evaluated.

  • Weekly Net. Tom Tucker continues to manage the weekly Net, recruit and schedule net control operators, and support CERT Ham operations generally. I think (have not asked Tom for stats) we have between 20 -25 check ins each week.

Programs – Dave Blottie:

  • November 4, 2019 BB CERT program with be a presentation by C. David Shepherd on handling an Active Shooter situation. Dave coordinating all at this time. Meeting date was changed to the 4th due to Veteran’s Day the following week.

  • Form a committee to develop speakers, themes and new projects for the BB CERT meetings.

Community Service

  • Neighborhood Get-togethers. Still needed: Upper Heron, Lower Heron, Old Town, Salmon Creek, Westside (at new shed site), Carmet; Osprey & Gull Practice Drill; Update on Westside Shed construction: Linda has requested additional bids; Carmet Shed has been built and will be submitting for reimbursement. Now working on stocking the shed. It is slightly larger than other sheds.

Old Business

  • Postponed Fish Fest Preparations discussion

  • Website Development. Launched July, 2019. Will post Disaster Plan on the site

Board Positions

  • Need to find interested members, schedule interview for positions on interest

  • Need President & Secretary positions

  • Preparedness Fair will now be Disaster Drill on October 4, 2019 at 3:30 at various sheds, then Debrief at Fire Station, then BBQ by Ginochio’s Kitchen.

  • After BBQ, the Bodega Bay Fire Protection District will have their Open House for Fire Safety Week.

  • CHP Open House is on September 5, 2019. Requesting to be placed on upper level parking lot rather than down below.

  • Training. Develop Training calendar & Teams; Basic Training – Seven potential trainers; CPR – One potential trainer; First Aid – One potential Trainer

· Announcements: Next meeting: November 4, 2019, at 5:00 pm

· Adjournment: 2:30 pm

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