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Dewey Kribs, Bodega Bay Disaster Plan Author & Bodega Bay CERT Ham Radio Director, discussed the Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake and Tsunami threat to the coast and Bodega Bay. For the over 75 attendees, it put in perspective the extreme impact to Washington, Oregon and California. The massive earthquake is past due based on historical records so it is not a matter of if, but when. We need to be prepared for a devastating earthquake and Tsunami flooding in Bodega Bay. Are you ready? The threat is real. Check out the Disaster Plan for Bodega Bay that discusses this threat at

Captain David Bynum discussed what to do during and immediately following an earthquake. Look for the strong beams in the house or run outside but you must be 1.5 times the height of the buildings around you. Getting under a table is not always the best solution. After the earthquake, check your family, your home, pets. An audience participation exercise drill to help us learn how to shut off the gas/propane, fire control panels, water supply shutoff and master power shutoff at the Fire Station ended the evening. All of the attendees had to locate the various items at the Fire Station and learn how to shut it off. Our Bodega Bay Firefighters were there to help us and walk us through the process as well. CHP and Sheriff were also on hand.

The well attended event was informational with attendees getting hands on experience.

Our next CERT meeting will be April 6th so mark your calendars!

Beth Bruzzone has joined the Bodega Bay CERT Board as Director of Special Events. Welcome Beth!

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